Our Vision

To develop a knowledge - based society with clarity of thoughts and charity in deeds, committed to serve humanity with integrity.

Our Mission

To offer holistic education, empowering the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow; men & women, of competence & conscience diligence & discipline.

Our Founder

St.Louis-Marie Grignion De Montfort
The Man Who Walked with God

St. Louis de Montfort was born on January 1673 in a small hamlet called Montfort. His parents named him 'Louis'. His mother was a pious woman who worked hard to educate and bring up the large family. From his early age he was devoted to Blessed Virgin Mary. Montfort's devotion to the Mother of Lord Jesus was an integral part of his spiritual life. At the age of eleven he went to Rennes to study in a Jesuit Institution. After 8 years of study, he left for Paris to study at St. Sulpice seminary to become a priest. On his way he crossed a bridge called 'Cesson' and took a radical decision never to be attached to any worldly possessions or material goods and to live a life of total dependence to God. He gave away everything to the poor and even exchanged his clothes with a beggar...

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