When one thinks about the celebrations that school life ensures, they should put some time to take into consideration the effort that is put into it. Indeed, in the planning, organization and implementation of any programme related to celebrations be it National holidays or Montfort Day or Loyola day the role of celebration committee cannot be overlooked. Celebration of the events of national importance helps children to get information about the importance of that particular day. They enjoy and rejoice and at the same time become aware of its significance. The members of this committee take up the responsibility to prepare the children for the cultural programmes or other related activities. It not only makes school life more enjoyable by incorporating elements of festivity, but also imbibes in the students, a sense of responsibility and initiative.

Member of the Committee

1. Mr. Jayesh Kumar Shah (Incharge)

2. Sr. Deepti (Asst)

3. Mr. Sanjay Kr. Jha

4. Mr. Jose Emmanuel

5. Mr. Narendra Pal

6. Mrs. Sandipti Khanna

7. Miss Princy Sonia Varghese