The dictionary meaning of Culture is, "Relating to the arts and intellectual activity." This is the literal meaning and in plain term it is group of activities which are related to the arts and culture.

India is known as a land of customs, rituals and arts. It is rightly acclaimed through out the world for its unity in diversity and schools, being mini India, where children from different religion. Sects, Caste and creeds are studying under one roof. So to inculcate the idea of uniformity among them, the school has taken initiative of introducing cultural club.

In this club, the students will get a chance to know about different cultures and arts form in every aspects. The introduction of cultural club will give an opportunity for them to learn and be acquainted with diversity which forms the very essence of India.

Thus, the cultural club in the school holds different cultural programmes throughout the year to spread the ideas of different cultures ranging from Indian culture and western culture.

Member of the Club

1. Mr. Biswajit Mukherjee (Incharge)

2. Mrs. Angela Anjana (Asst)

3. Mrs. Sandipti Khanna

4. Mrs. Shiny Jacob

5. Miss Preety David

6. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Sinha

7. Miss. Anshu

8. Mrs. Swati Singh