Co-Curricular Activities in LHS (Primary) session 2013-2014

The purpose of our Co-Curricular activities is to provide opportunities for all round development of a child and to build up the flexibility, confidence and to reinforce the capabilities as an explorer, meaning - makers and decision makers. To shape up the personality of a student, the initial training is needed. Thus, the school has various activities round the year for the benefit of students. Some of the competitions and activities taken up in the session 2013-2014 are as follows :

Handwriting Competition

It is really an exciting time when a child begins to write but it is essential that assistance should be provided in process. Writing is a necessary skill and it provides a focus on the uniformity, shapes, slopes and spacing between the letters. To make the writing enjoyable, every year English and Hindi writing competition is organized at inter class level. The competition allows the students to choose a paragraph or some lines of the story and makes them to experiment with the different ways of laying out the text on page.

Painting Competition

Creativity is natural and it is necessary for children as fresh air and sunshine. Development of the children’s creativity involves more than resourcing the ‘Creative Corners’ in the classrooms. Painting competitions allow the artists to display their work and creativity with unique perspective and innovative ideas with technical acuity. Painting competitions at various levels are organized every year in our school. The school also cooperate with the fund raising activities for a noble cause, i.e. one day meal to the poor and orphans at Padri Ki Haveli through painting competitions organized by Pahal and St. Xavier’s College of Education, Patna. The school also participate and won the prize at state level painting competition organized by National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (NTPC) and Bureau of Energy (BEE), Ministry of Power, Govt. of India.

Recitation Competition and Story telling Competition

Speech, language and communication play a vital role in one’s life. We as a human being need to express our feeling through language and expressions. Conversations and story telling is an art amongst the most ancient arts where the speaker conveys a message information, knowledge, wisdom to the listener in an interesting manner which entertains them. Through these competitions children learn how to talk using words known as expressive language. These competitions encourage the children to communicate through sounds, facial expressions and gestures along with the word as it is important to learn to communicate with outer world.

Our school is committed to organize events actively that encourages the child to achieve their full potential. Our task is to make it possible and our mission is to provide step by step assistance. We believe in promoting talents and we feel that recitation and story telling competition provide a good platform for students to showcase their oratorial skills.

Dance competition and Patriotic song Competition

The skill of dance and music plays an important role as they soothe and relax the over stressed school children. The skill and out of dance and music counter balance the complexes and tough competitions of a difficult syllabus. At the same time they educate the students and stimulate their concentration and creativity. As per recent research it shows that music and language are inter connected and helps to develop the child’s sensitivity towards rhythm and makes the child to learn new words, new and large phrases and combine words. Also music and the moves in dance help the child in making more connections in the brain as millions of brain neurons become alive and awaken.

Like other competitions we have been organizing the record dance competition and Patriotic song competition at inter class level yearly. Students choose the song to sing and to perform on stage. This surely boosts their confidence and makes them to face the crowd on stage freely.