In the process of economic growth of human society there has been serious impacts on the environment and the natural resources of the world.There has been continuous deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources like air, water, and soil, there has been destruction of ecosystem and extinction of wild life.There are several factors like increasing human population, rapid industrialization and urbanization. The ecology is some how unable to meet the social and ecological needs.

Environmental protection is the practice of protecting the environment at individual, organizational or governmental level.There is an urgent need to maintain a balance between using up of natural resources and fulfillment of human need.There has been several initiatives at governmental and individual level., In 1960's the environmental movement has highlighted the issues related to environmental degradation and create awareness among the people.

Environmental protection is influenced by three intervene factors, firstly by enactment of environmental level, ethic and education. The environmental changes are based on many factors like urbanization, population growth, economic growth, intensification of agriculture, increase in energy use. Our land, water, soil has to face serious damage when we exhaust resources or release harmful chemicals into the air.

Deforestation, wastage of resources, pollution have posed a threat to the environment. The natural habitat of animals & birds are getting damaged. The wildlife that lives in forest has to now look for an alternative place.The trees that absorb carbon dioxide and increase oxygen are being cut down. Harmful chemicals and toxic wastes like fertilizers have contaminated the water.

Now its right time that we realize our mistakes and compensate the loss caused to the environment. There is a need to harness resources.

There is a need to aim at sustainable development and maintain balance between attainment of human needs and using up of resources in a judicious way. There Should be grater dependence on renewable resources like wind, solar, hydro energy, use of bio waste. The nonrenewable resources are scarce and rapidly depleting coal, petroleum etc. which needs to be used wisely. The utilization of resources has to be done in a planned manner keeping in mind the needs of the present as well as future generation. The misuse of technology has to be checked. Human efforts can turn things around.The government alone cannot ensure a safe and healthy environment at individual level in homes, schools, work places we have to work together towards a happier environment.

Our " Eco CLUB " is just a little effort towards working out things to create a healthier environment and environmental awareness.

The objective of our club is to involve greater and greater participation of people to attain a pollution free and green environment where we can breath freely.

Member of the Club

1. Mrs. Ritu Parna Sur (Incharge)

2. Miss Isha Chakraborty (Asst)

3. Mrs. Kiran Tripathi

4. Mrs. Sweety Shah

5. Mr.Sanjay Kumar Jha

6. Miss Sharon Anthony Murmu