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Introduction of active board in classrooms is revolution, in the field of education…

Whenever the word classroom is mentioned, the first thing that comes in mind is the conventional image of a teacher, hunched upon the board, with chalk dust flying around, while the children reading or writing in pin drop silence. But how far does the scenario today coincides with this concept? Gone are the days of Wren and Martin and messy ink pens, with the advent of the digital boards. Classrooms are fast moving away from passive learning and entering into an era of technology driven, informative, transformative teaching.

The teachers of the present day are in possession of a wide array of technology to choose from. This shift from the conventional learning by rote with a kind of learning that makes the best use of the inherent creativity and higher order thinking process is a huge advantage in today’s scenario where the plaint mind of the student needs to be moulded in a way as to ensure that their learning materialize into a value addition in everyday life.

There are numerous examples of how technology has transformed both learning and teaching process. The active board or as we can say the multimedia classroom provides a combination of visuals as well as audio simulating that greatly enhances the learning experience.

  • From the point of view of a teacher, introduction of this technology has lessened the burden on them. The extra effort and planning needed to prepare models, charts and teaching aids, are not needed any more. Attractive and interesting modules have been introduced in every subject in the active board.
  • Drawing of diagrams and figures on blackboard or showing an experiment before the class, is definitely time taking and sometimes is unable to hold the attention of children, but when the same thing is exhibited on the active board, showing the functions of organs, or the life cycle of an insect, has a mesmerizing effect on them. It has a permanent impact on their mind. It also helps the mechanism of an experiment to be easily comprehended.
  • History and Geography, which are unable to interest the students of today, has also presented a different outlook because the use of technology can ensure that the students visualize the cornerstone moments, with the major heroes and do not perceive the subject as unimportant. The maps shown on charts have very less information while that on the active board, is easily visualized by students along with detailed definition and description of all geographical terms.
  • Mathematical worksheets on the active boards are so student friendly that they are eager to solve each activity, which they would otherwise not prefer to do in their note books. It gradually enhances their confidence and gives them a feeling of satisfaction.
  • Literature subjects like Hindi and English teach grammar through exercises and modules which the students solve without doing much effort. Phonetics is another field which is ignored in texts, but through the board, the students learn to pronounce a word more confidently and correctly.
  • Colour effect, sound effect introduced in simple modules make it very interesting and eye catching for a child who finds it difficult to sit in his classroom for six long hours.
  • Use of dictionaries and encyclopedia, has become outdated, for children can search for the meaning and detailed information about any word that flashes across their mind.
  • The introduction of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) that has been recently done by C.B.S.E. board has made this active board of more utility for children can be easily and accurately assessed by teachers to judge their level of intelligence and knowledge, by solving of worksheets and activities introduced in each subject. Students can be easily assessed by teachers and graded for the report cards, without pulling on them the pressure and fear of a test, that has to be conducted on paper.

    Thus multimedia classroom can be made more beneficial, if new activities are added to each module, time to time, pertaining to the likes and needs of children.

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