Loyola Literary Club (English & Hindi) is a group of teachers and students. It actuates and hones the students' literary acuity, skills, and creativity by organizing spelling contest, vocabulary quiz, writing competition, recitation, debate and declamation contest and house wise one act play competition. On meeting students get reading assignment of a story, poem, essay, chapters from novels which act as windows to the children's thinking, perspectives, feelings and evoke their interpretive ability, text-to self connection and child-to-child conversation through clarification and elaborations. Students work on the completely of language express curiosity, evolve speculations with shifting instances. They get themselves aware to the author's choice of vocabulary, literary symbols images, plots and timer elements of literature. Participants remain open to consider attention. Thus the club orchestrates the opportunities to refine the literary skills of the students developing curiosity to know more and to still in them a confidence to go ahead.

Member of the Club

  1. English
    1. Mrs. Anita Ghosh ( Incharge)
    2. Mrs. Ruby Sengupta (Asst)
    3. Mr. Anwer Imam Ghazali
    4. Miss Rita Singh
    5. Mr. Surya Kant Akela
    6. Miss Shweta Kamal
    7. Mr. K.K.Pandey
    8. Mrs. Manjula Paul

  2. Hindi
    1. Mrs. Mamta Rani (Incharge)
    2. Mrs. Catherine Osta (Asst)
    3. Miss Shobha Kumari
    4. Mrs. Mrs. Alka Shankar
    5. Mrs. Vandana Gupta
    6. Mrs. Samira Toppo
    7. Mrs. Laya Priyadarshani