A well rounded, informative magazine is a perquisite for school life. Not only does it record the activities that make an inseparable part of development in school, but also captures the fleeting sense of nostalgia that would become synonymous to these best days of a person’s life in years to come. The publishing of school magazine every year, helps to developed the writing skills of children and also help them to put down their thoughts and imaginations on paper. The magazine committee members inspire and guide the students in such a way that they turn out to compose poems or write stories. Thus, they gradually enhance their language skills and at the same time broaden their imaginations.

Member of the Committee

    1. Mr. Surya Kant Akela (Incharge)
    2. Mrs. Mita Singh (Asst)
    3. Miss Rita Singh
    4. Mrs. Shephalika Singh
    5. Miss Shweta Kamal
  2. HINDI
    1. Mrs. Alka Shankar (Incharge)
    2. Mrs. Bandana Pandey (Asst)
    3. Mrs. Mamta Rani
    4. Mrs. Sweety Shah
    5. Mrs. Samira Toppo