A science club is an out-of-school-hours club that offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom. Science club organisers can come from many backgrounds, within and without school. They don't need to be a super scientist in order to run a club, and there are sets of resources designed with that in mind. Science club uses the opportunity to explore areas of science not covered by the curriculum and to give the club members plenty of opportunities to do practical science. During the club time, the members might complete a challenge, plan a science project or have a special scientific visitor. The Science club has many benefities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Increased opportunity to develop and practice thinking, speaking and listening skills.
  • Opportunities to experience a wider range of science topics, hence broadening their enthusiasm for science.
  • It provide an opportunity for the club organisers to extend their knowledge and skills, in a less pressured setting.
Running a math club might be a perfect idea to help students learn more while having fun. There is a common misconception among the younger students that those who join the math club are geeks or dorks.But that is a wrong thinking. In this club activities are performed in such a way that it will be educational and interesting at the same time. In this club we try to post interesting math problems, logic puzzles or intriguing questions that will make them curious about the club. In this club we have students who are shy, reserved kids who will often keep to themselves, and outgoing kids that will be hard to control. We explore a range of practical mathematical activities in this club.

Member of the Club

1. Asit Kumar Das (Incharge)

2. Mrs. Suchita Raphael (Asst)

3. Miss Priti Sarkar

4. U.M. Thakur

5. Mr. Amalshib Chatterjee

6. Mrs. Victoria Prasad

7. Mrs. Josephine John

8. Sr. Nishi