“Whatever you do to the least of these, you do it to me” Inspired by these words, St. Louis De Montfort devoted his life to the service of the downtrodden in the society.

Montfort Social Service club draws its inspiration from the life of St. Montfort the Patron Saint of the Society. Besides imparting a holistic education to the students we feel the need to involve the students in our work to the upliftment of the poorest of the society. The sole aim of founding this Club is to develop an attitude of service in our students.

The club therefore has come uo with a couple of plans for this academic year. The club intends to motivate the children to do something to lighten the human sufferings and relieve the poor of their hardships. With these intentions the club has drawn this concrete plan for the year.

1. A visit to the Sevakendra of the Missionary Brothers of Charity and feed the poor inmates one day. The children will collect the money needed for this noble work. They will also donate thinks needed for their basic needs.

2. Encourage the students to collect old woolen clothes which will be distributed to the needy.

3. Mission Education: Helping the students of the Montfort Literacy Centre with books, copies, clothes etc. Organizing health camps for their children and parents.

Member of the Club

1. Mr. Niranjan Kumar (Incharge)

2. Mr. Mathew P.M. (Asst)

3. Mr. Kundan Kr. Singh

4. Mr. Jose Emmanuel

5. Mrs. Aparna Priyadarshinee