Annual Prize Distribution

A grand day for the winners

As Maslow puts it, life is all about incentives and motivations. Even if one achieves a great level of proficiency at a task, lack of motivation can kill the very spirit of the pursuit. The thirst for incentive needs to be developed from an early age indeed. The question, though, that remains central, is recognition of a method to inculcate healthy competition. A way to create this, is a award system. Be it just a trophy or certificate, awards not only create a feeling of achievement but also succeeds in producing a positive buzz, which is of immense help in the long run. Not only do they provide an impetus but also creates a sort of self fulfilling prophecy which results in sustained success in future. Who hasn’t felt the thrill of a loud applause, the flush of pleasure, at the thrilled crowed chanting one’s name? Who hasn’t aspired to stand I the Dias, looking at their friends cheering for them? It is an enchanting image indeed and it is the appeal of this moment of glory that makes one strive for perfection.

Although the recent educational policy doesn’t permit the schools to generate this feeling of competitiveness through the percentage of marks awarded to the scholars but our institution has formulated the norms in such a way that at the end of the year we get to judge the toppers I all individual subjects and not only that even the achievements of the children in the non-scholastic areas are rewarded through the co-curricular activities that are conducted almost every week as per the schedule. The students go through stages of competitions to achieve these token of appreciation. It is indeed a grand day for all the winners.

This annual year 2013-2014, 8th of February was the prize distribution day in the school. Bro. Cyril, the Secretary of the school and Bro. Sanjay Toppo, the Principal of Loyola Industrial School were present to give away the prizes to the winners in the High school and Primary Block respectively. Children were awarded for their 100% attendance, academic excellence, handwriting, recitation, storytelling, Patriotic song , dance, painting, quiz, debate, table tennis etc. All the children were appreciated by the teachers and this function created a feeling of competitiveness to be imbibed in all other students who definitely wished to strive for achieving the same position for the next academic year.

1st Prize Winners

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