The School provides a variety of student clubs and activities to enhance the experiences and talents of students in the school. The quiz club intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity to collect information related to different fields. It is the best way to create interest every time in the school for knowledge. The club helps to develop curiosity for general truths, fundamental laws, progress in subjects like Science, Maths, Literature etc. Through the club it is possible to develop a positive attitude towards learning.

The club tries to provide facts related to general knowledge and current affairs of regional, National as well as International importance. The students of this club also go for competitions conducted by different schools at Regional and National Levels. Now a days academic and quizzing are not different but the most popular ways to learn new things every day.

Member of the Club

1. Mr. Amrendra Kumar (Incharge)

2. Mrs. Sarita Seraphim (Asst)

3. Mrs. Anamika Yadav

4. Miss Sarang Augustine

5. Mr. Arvind Kumar

6. Mr. Ronny James

7. Mrs. Reena Srivastava