1. “Discipline and Virtue” are the hallmark of every Loyolite. We expect that the students entrusted to our care, conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned, and leave the school as God-Fearing young people. Students at all times should show respect and deference to the school authorities and to the members of the staff. The students’ behaviour ought to be courteous and polite at all times and in all places, both inside and outside the school campus.

  2. Students should reach school on time. Boys/girls who are late will be admitted to the class only with the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal. Habitual late comers may be fined or may be asked to leave the school.

  3. Students must be clean and appear in full school uniform. Students without proper uniform will not be allowed into the class room. If for any valid reason a student doesn't have full uniform, a remark to this effect should be entered in the page assigned for Parent's Remarks in the Diary.

  4. School Diary is the true record of a student’s academic performance and conduct The school diary should be brought to the school daily failing which a fine of Rs. 20- will be charged. In case of student losing or defacing the diary, a fine of Rs.100 (I to V)and Rs.200(VI to XII)- will be levied. No remarks once written in the diary can be cancelled by anyone other than Principal.

  5. Application for leave should reach the Principal before the morning assembly.

  6. Students who absent themselves without leave shall produce the reason for being absent signed by the parents before being admitted to the class with the permission of the Principal/Vice-Principal.

  7. Students who absent themselves with leave or without leave shall not enter the school premises on the day of absence without the prior permission of the Principal.

  8. The school reserves the right to refuse permission for leave for trips, functions etc if it demands excessive leave or if it occurs at an inappropriate time of the school year.

  9. If a student is absent for more than 5 days without written information to the school his/her name will be struck off the attendance register.

  10. All cycles must be locked and kept in the cycle stand. School will not be responsible for the loss of cycle. Riding cycle in the school campus is prohibited. Students who are coming to school by cycle must deposit Rs.300/- for 12 months in the bank and obtain a cycle pass from the security.

  11. Senior Secondary students are permitted to bring two wheelers without gear after getting written permission from the Principal. Students who come to the school on two wheelers without permission even if it is parked outside the school campus are liable to be punished.

  12. Students are expected to take due care of the school property. Any damage done willfully or accidentally has to be made good either collectively or individually as the case may be.

  13. Students are expected to keep silence in verandah, corridor and class room. Students are not allowed to remain in the class room during the recess unless allowed.

  14. Every student should take care of his / her belongings. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable and expensive articles to school. Each article of every student should be marked with Name of the student, Class, and Roll. No.

  15. Students are expected to sort out their problems, if any, in dialogue with the Teachers/ Section in charges/ Principal.

  16. Students are strictly forbidden to organize strikes or incite others to strike or bring any external influence affecting the normal running of the institution.

  17. Strict regularity, honesty, obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, respect for school authorities and members of the staff should be the hallmark of students of Loyola High School. Students shall abstain from any act which is likely to damage the reputation of the institution.

  18. Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not allowed.

  19. Students who come to school escorted should never leave before the escort arrives. In case of delay, they should report to the school office.

  20. The school does not permit the celebration of birthdays or festivals on the school campus. Parents are advised not to send sweets etc. with children for celebration of birthdays. Exchange of gifts and wearing of casual dress are not allowed. Birthday bumps are a punishable offence.

  21. The school insists on the following measures to be observed by the members of staff and all students. Care must be taken to observe the "green rules" in order to maintain clean, green surroundings. That is, school premises must not be littered with disposable tumblers, papers or polythene bags etc. If polythene bags are brought to school, care should be taken not to dispose them off in the school grounds. Minimal use of polythene bags will be appreciated.

  22. Students are advised to keep their class room, school buildings and campus as clean as possible, and throw leftovers into the dustbins.

  23. Loyola High School provides education from I to Class XII. Therefore, it is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection, while the juniors show all respect to their seniors.

  24. No student is allowed to visit any of the kiosks situated outside the school, and if found doing so, he will be subjected to punishment.

  25. Canteen facility is only available in break time or after the school is over. If there is an emergency, children can avail of this facility with the permission from the concerned authority.

  26. Students should not leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

  27. Students who expect to return late to their homes are responsible for informing their parents about it in advance.

  28. Unapproved books, wrist watches, magazines or any other objects liable to prove a source of disturbance for the smooth running of the school should not be brought to the school.

  29. During the absence of the teacher from the classroom the student must obey the class monitor appointed to maintain discipline.

  30. Students are required to maintain discipline in the bus.

  31. As per the CBSE norms, students are strictly forbidden to bring mobiles or ipods inside the school if these are recourse from the school they will be handed over to the parents only at end of that session.

  32. Students are forbidden to bring any harmful things such as crackers, weapons etc. in the school. Any kind of scribbling on walls, damaging the property of the school, misappropriation of the things belonging to others, defiance of authorities, insubordination, willful damage to the school property etc are considered serious faults. Besides the damage being made up by the student(s) concerned He/She/They may be suspended or dismissed from the school.

  33. Students are to address their teachers and all members of the School Staff with due respect and politeness. Arrogant and challenging behaviour towards teaching or non-teaching staff is forbidden. On their way to and from school students must behave in a gentlemanly manner.

  34. Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum, betel-nut or tobacco product, etc. is strictly forbidden. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, bad conduct, stealing, drug abuse, any form of verbal or written obscenity, using unfair means in examination or sickness liable to be injurious to other boys justify dismissal. For serious offences a student may be suspended. It will not be for more than a month at a time. It is not necessary to give notice to the parents of erring students before suspension is ordered. However, suspension shall be followed by an enquiry and the parents informed.

  35. Every student is expected to subscribe towards local charities and other relief efforts if authorized by the Principal. No collections or fines or rising of funds are to be made in the school without the explicit permission of the Principal.

  36. Every student attending school is obliged to take part in choral singing, drill, games and other co-curricular activities organized by the school.

  37. It is mandatory for all students to speak only in English in the school campus. Serious steps will be taken against those found speaking vernacular in school campus at any time. This rule is applicable even on holidays.

  38. Information about Home works, Class tests and other assignments will be conveyed to the students in the class by the subject teacher concerned. The students are expected to make note of the information given in the class in the diary with date.

  39. No attendance will be given to a student during the period of suspension.

  40. School rules can be changed without prior notice or reason.


  1. Parents retain their rights and duties in the education of their children, even though they delegate them in part to the school. The support and collaboration of parents is in all cases considered indispensable for the success of the work of education carried out by the school.

  2. Owing to increasing trends in juvenile delinquency, it has become necessary to maintain constant and strict vigil on student discipline in all activities, at home or away from it. You are advised to caution your ward that participation in any subversive act which includes eve teasing, carrying of explosive materials or dangerous instruments such as bringing crackers, bursting crackers, bringing mobile phone, i-pod or any other gadgets, pocket and clasp knives or indulging in any activity which contravenes any rules or regulations of this institution or of CBSE or the Indian penal Code within the school campus or outside will attract disciplinary displeasure which may include expulsion from the institution without assigning any reasons.

  3. Send your wards to school spick and span. Ensure that children are in complete uniform and reach the school well in time.

  4. Leave application, reason for late attendance or any other matter concerning the student may be intimated to the Principal through the diary.

  5. Parents are recommended to look into their ward's school diary regularly and countersign remarks made on it.

  6. Should you feel that your ward is not making the desired progress or if he/she has any other problem in the school the Principal may be contacted.

  7. Parents are recommended to pay all the fees well in time.

  8. A child who is ill and needs health care immediately should not be sent to school. In normal cases once the child comes to school he/she will not be allowed to leave the school before the school gets over. No student will be allowed to leave the campus, before the dismissal, unless accompanied by the Parents or persons duly authorized by the parents after obtaining the permission of Principal.

  9. Criticism of a teacher or his/her school in the presence of the child should be avoided. It causes the child to lose respect for his/her teacher with the consequent failure to learn from the school.

  10. As your child advances in age, guide him/her to become a resourceful and useful member of family, society and country. Encourage self-help for work and study. He/She should be taught to keep his/her room tidy, make his/her own bed, polish his/her own shoes, wash his/her own clothes, carry his/her the idea of the dignity of work, a fundamental personal virtue, necessary for a successful career in life.

  11. Ordinarily communication with parents / guardians is made through the School Diary. On the first day of every month, the School Diary should be checked by the Parents.

  12. Parents / Guardians are not allowed to see their wards or to meet teachers during class hours without the special permission from the Principal/Vice Principal.

  13. Admittance into the school premises is at the sole discretion of the school authorities, who reserve to themselves the right to refuse admission to anyone without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  14. Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum, betel-nut or tobacco product, etc. is strictly forbidden. Please do not bring disposable bottles and plastic items to school.

  15. The escorts of the students will not be allowed to enter the school campus in the morning and at the dismissal they may be allowed to enter the campus only at a specified time allotted by the school management. Parents / Escorts are strictly forbidden to park the vehicles in front of the school gate.

  16. Exemplary behaviour is expected from the parents in the school campus and outside the school campus. Parents are to come to the school wearing formal dress. Pyjamas, Lungies, Night dress, Shorts etc are not allowed in the school.

  17. Though the school takes care of your ward/son while in school, the school cannot be held responsible for any self inflicted or accidental mishap/injury, physical or otherwise, that may befall on your son/ward. Hospital expenses are to be met by the parents.

  18. Parents/Guardians threatening the school by various methods, by leveling malicious or false allegations or spreading rumours or giving false information which tends to bring into disrepute the school or its employees or spreading panic among them might result in issuing of Transfer Certificate to their son/ward from the school. All the complaints and grievances are to be sorted out only with the principal.

  19. All communication to the school should be addressed to the Principal.


  1. Parents are welcome and are encouraged to come and meet the Principal to discuss matters related to their wards. Visiting time: 09.00 A.M. to 10.30 A.M.

  2. Apart from the days of distribution of progress report, a few Saturdays will be set apart for meeting teachers. Prior information will be given regarding this.

  3. In case of genuine need, parents may visit the teachers on working days with the permission of the Principal / Vice Principal.

  4. It is mandatory for the parents to meet the Principal / V. Principal / Teachers whenever they are called to the school to discuss about their ward.