In order to capture the real time aspects of school activities, celebrations, and life skills, this committee has been set up with dedicated members working tirelessly to recreate the magic of the moments and put those on display. This committee promotes a child to bring out and exhibit his/her inherent talents in the field of art and creativity. The bulletin board is used, not only to put up important notice time and again, but also draws ones attention towards the recent important dates and events through the art of creating the ' best out of wastes'. The committee members keep a record of all important dates like the " May Day " or the ' World Environment Day' or festivals and celebrations taking place in a particular month and articles and art works are displayed as required. Students even bid farewell or wish their friends ' good luck ' through the display of their work on the bulletin board. The magical touch of the experts in art, makes the board so attractive, that it turns out to be the most prominent piece of attraction.

Member of the Committee

1. Mrs. Shephalika Singh (Incharge)

2. Mr. Jeevan Prakash (Asst)

3. Mrs. Anamika Yadav

4. Miss Preety David

5. Mrs. Shilpi Sandeep