The Technology and Website Club

Loyola high school, Patna, gives special emphasis to the Technology and Website club to provide opportunities for the development of individual talents. The IT teachers encourage all students to understand and utilize the Information & Technology with its future scope by providing special training, assignments and workshops to enable them for website development. The IT education of this school has been appreciated by the president of India Dr. A.P.J.ABDUL KALAM, who awarded “3rd Computer Literacy Excellence Award, 2004 for Schools” to this school.

We have developed our school’s website. This is regularly updated and maintained by the coordinating team members. Our website is a student friendly. It gives every information regarding the school and its daily activities. Important notice are displayed regularly on the website. So students find it easy to know and follow the instructions of the school. Website development is an encouragement and inspiration for our students as it proves the application of Information & Technology knowledge.

The school wants to reach the parents through SMS which is common phenomena in this present IT era. Therefore school has started using Bulk SMS facility. Now all the parents will be informed about important and exact notice directly through SMS.

Member of the Club

1. Mr. Vijay Poddar (Incharge)

2. Mrs. Kiran Tripathi (Asst)

3. Mr. Robert Wilson

4. Mr. Chandan Kr. Singh

5. Bro. Vice Principal